Annuities - An annuity is a unique financial vehicle designed to help you accumulate money for your retirement and/or turn a lump-sum of money into a guaranteed stream of income payments.

Deferred annuities offer the advantage of tax-deferral and can be used to accumulate money for retirement.

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Variable Deferred Annuities* - A variable Deferred Annuity offers the advantage of tax deferral and can be used to accumulate money for retirement.  The policy's accumulated value - and sometimes the amount of monthly annuity benefit payments - fluctuates with the performance of your investment account.  There are fees, expenses and risk associated with the contract.  Please be aware that assets allocated to the investment divisions are subject to market risks and will fluctuate in value.

Fixed Interest Deferred Annuities* - With a Fixed Interest Deferred Annuity, the interest rate on your policy is guaranteed never to fall below a certain amount.  For many people, this provides a measure of security about their investment.

* Issued by New York Life Insurance and Annuity Corporation (Delaware Corporation).

Income Annuities - Are used to generate a stream of income payments that is guaranteed to last for as long as you need it to -- even the rest of your life.

Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities - An income annuity where income payments begin immediately - one period after the annuity is purchased.  It is designed to provide you with predictable income monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, no matter how long you live, and regardless of how the financial markets perform.